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The Inspirational Journey of Jakyranne Phillips: A Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor


The team truly enjoyed taking a deep dive into Jakyranne’s story. The wow factor is this blog only covers a moderate portion of this trailblazer's achievements. Girl it's simple, you are on fire and a role model fit for many. It’s so empowering to be able to take a glimpse into the world of passionate innovators whose stories resonate with many others who trained their minds to see the bigger picture and go after their destiny. I hope you all enjoy this amazing read on Ms. Phillips as much as we have.

Being a business as a teenager isn't easy. Imagine balancing that business with school, community activities, and multiple other ventures. Meet Jakyranne Phillips, the young dynamo who has done just that. This blog highlights her remarkable story, highlighting her ventures, achievements, and incredible drive. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a startup founder, or a small business owner, there's something valuable to learn from Jakyranne's inspiring journey.

Young Entrepreneur on a Mission

At just 16, Jakyranne Phillips showed the world what determination looks like. She founded Broken Girls JP LLC, a company that provides healing stories for abandoned and neglected teens through books, apparel, magazines, and more. Her early start in business showcased her vision and commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people who need it the most.

A Business Consultant with a Heart

Not content with just running her own business, Jakyranne also serves as a business consultant. She uses her experience and skills to guide other entrepreneurs, particularly those who are just starting. Her consultation services are rooted in empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to see others succeed.

Motivational Speaker Lighting Up Rooms

Jakyranne is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a motivational speaker. She captivates her audience with her powerful storytelling and motivational messages. Her speeches often focus on overcoming adversity, resilience, and the importance of self-belief. Entrepreneurs and business owners find her talks especially inspiring as they provide actionable insights and a dose of much-needed motivation.

Author of Healing Stories

Writing has always been a passion for Jakyranne. She has published numerous publications, the most popular being "Diary of a Broken Girl" and "Broken The Underdog." These books provide a voice to those who feel unheard and unseen. They are more than stories; they are lifelines for many abandoned and neglected teens who find solace and strength in her words.

A Journalist Making Waves

Armed with a BA in Mass Communication from Tugaloo University in Jackson, Mississippi, Jakyranne is now pursuing her master’s at Grambling State University. She is not just a student but an active participant in her academic community, acting as the "Mass Communication Senator at Large" in the Grad Student Association.

Her work in journalism extends beyond the university as she contributes to international media teams, representing Grambling State University on a global scale.

Diverse Skill Sets for a Modern Entrepreneur

Jakyranne's skill set is vast and varied. From videography and photography to marketing and journalism, she has mastered multiple disciplines.

Her versatility doesn’t end there. She is also proficient in cosmetics, a field where she has made a significant impact.

Leading Summer Reading


One of Jakyranne's notable contributions is organizing summer reading and enrichment tutoring programs. These initiatives aim to foster a love for reading among young people and help them improve their academic skills. Her programs have

received widespread acclaim for their effectiveness and impact.

Owner of JK Beauti Bar

Adding another feather to her cap, Jakyranne owns the JK Beauti Bar, a travel barber, stylist, and makeup artist service specializing in Afro-American hair.

Her expertise in this area has made her a sought-after celebrity makeup artist. She has worked on multiple movie sets, including "A Day to Die" and "The Warrant Unit."

Recognized for Academic Excellence

Jakyranne's academic achievements are as impressive as her entrepreneurial ones. She has been awarded the Advocacy and Engagement Award for outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and contribution to the grad student community. Her commitment to both her studies and her community is truly commendable.

Propel 2024 Accelerator Showcase Winner

In her most recent achievement, Jakyranne along with her team won the Propel 2024 Accelerator Showcase. Propel is a mega innovation hub built for the future, positioning HBCUs as innovators. Winning this showcase is a testament to Jakyranne's innovative thinking and her ability to align with industry needs and trends.

The New KNOE News Intern

Adding to her impressive resume, Jakyranne is now the new KNOE news intern. This role allows her to further push her journalism skills while contributing to a reputable news outlet. It's another step in her multifaceted career, showcasing her dedication to continuous learning and growth.

The Art of Balancing Multiple Roles

How does Jakyranne manage to balance all these roles successfully? It's a mix of time management, passion, and an unwavering commitment to her goals. She believes in setting clear priorities and working diligently towards them. Her story is a powerful reminder that with the right mindset, one can juggle multiple roles without compromising on quality.

Impacting Communities Globally

Jakyranne's influence extends beyond her immediate community. Through her international work and contributions, she impacts lives globally. Her efforts in journalism, business, and community service reflects a deep commitment to making the world a better place.

A Role Model for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jakyranne Phillips stands as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly young women. Her story is one of resilience, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. She embodies the qualities of a successful entrepreneur—vision, hard work, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.


Jakyranne Phillips is a shining example of what is possible when passion meets purpose. Her entrepreneurial journey, coupled with her academic and community contributions, offers invaluable lessons for anyone looking to make their mark in the business world. If you're inspired by her story and want to take your entrepreneurial aspirations to the next level, consider exploring similar paths or even reaching out for mentorship. The world needs more Jakyranne Phillips, and you could be the next one.

For those interested in learning more or seeking guidance, consider booking a call with a business consultant or motivational speaker who can provide personalized advice and insights. Here’s to chasing dreams and making them a reality!

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