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Discovering Shonice Jeanay: A Fusion of Hair Fashion, Creativity, and Wellness

A beacon of creativity and innovation shines brightly in the small town of Zwolle, Louisiana. Meet Shonice Jeanay, the dynamic force behind Stretch and Vibe LLC, a company devoted to bringing relaxation and positivity to the mind and body. Shonice's story is one of passion, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to blending art, culture, and wellness.

Early Beginnings and Educational Pursuits

Shonice's journey began in Zwolle, where her deep-rooted love for community and her innate creativity started to flourish. Currently, she is ambitiously pursuing a PhD in development education with a focus on mental health. This academic endeavor underscores her dedication to understanding and improving the psychological well-being of individuals and communities.

A Love for Community Theater

One of Shonice's cherished passions is community theater—a space where she breathes life into her vivid imagination. I feel that some of the healthiest and greatest practices are when one can connect with their inner childhood. That alone brings much healing, self-awareness, and self-obtained joy. Engaging in theater allows her to connect with her community on a profound level, creating narratives that resonate and inspire.

The Art of Hair Fashion

But where Shonice truly stands out is in her specialization in hair fashion. With a unique flair for creating entire looks using artificial hair, she has been captivating audiences through photoshoots for over five years. Her work is not just about aesthetics; it’s a bold expression of creativity and individuality.

Among her many projects, one stands out as particularly memorable—the recreation of a 90’s hair salon. This nostalgic endeavor was inspired by the sensory memories of her childhood visits to the hair store. "I remember the smell of the hair store growing up; it brings me joy and a sense of belonging," Shonice shares. This project encapsulates her ability to transform personal experiences into captivating visual stories.

Breaking Barriers in Fashion

Despite her innovative approach, Shonice has faced challenges in getting her community to embrace her out-of-the-box fashion ideas. Yet, her determination remains unwavering. She dreams of directing hair shows and is committed to teaching others her unique craft. By doing so, she hopes to foster a vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts in her hometown.

Faith and Yoga: Bridging Cultural Gaps

As a devout Christian, Shonice is open about her love for God and how her faith shapes her life and work. This aspect of her identity comes into play uniquely in her yoga practice. Through Stretch and Vibe LLC, Shonice integrates elements of relaxation, peace, and positive energy into her sessions.

Yoga Certifications and Controversy

An accomplished athlete from a young age, Shonice attended Blue Sky Yoga and has earned three certifications along with a Yoga Fit Pilates license. However, she has encountered controversy regarding yoga and her Christian beliefs. Addressing these cultural differences, Shonice explains that her practice aims to bring relaxation and mental clarity, rather than focusing on the traditional spiritual aspects of yoga.

Building a Legacy

Shonice Jeanay's multifaceted journey is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and desire to make a positive impact. Her work in hair fashion, her pursuit of mental health education, and her dedication to wellness through Stretch and Vibe LLC all contribute to a legacy that bridges gaps and celebrates individuality.


Fashion enthusiasts, hair culture gurus, creative fashion directors, and yoga enthusiasts alike can find inspiration in Shonice Jeanay's story. Her blend of artistic talent, academic pursuits, and commitment to wellness makes her a truly remarkable figure. As she continues to break barriers and inspire her community, we eagerly anticipate the future projects and initiatives she will bring to life.

For those interested in connecting with Shonice or learning more about her work, follow her journey on social media at Shonice Jeanay and book Stretch and Vibe LLC.

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